At The Relocatable Home Co. we are proud of our heritage and the knowledge we have when it comes to house removal. Add to that the great partnership we have with Jack House Transit and you can be rest assured that you are partnering with a great team to complete your house relocation project (or in some circumstances, demolition). The Relocatable Home Co & Jack House Transit – a partnership 100 years in the making.

Moving Houses Since 1896. This strong legacy continues today and our team are here to help and support with all aspects of the house removal process.

Jack House Transit – Moving Houses Since 1896

Following the right process and partnering with the right team is how to succeed with your house relocation or house demolition project.

When done well, house relocation should be one of the smartest ways to get ahead on the road to property ownership. At The Relocatable Home Co. we are in the business of making your housing dreams possible.

We recommend you follow our proven process:

  • Download our Buyers Guide – ‘The Definitive Guide to Buying a Relocatable Home’ 
  • Talk to one of our awesome team and tell us about your end goal – i.e. are you an investor looking to maximise the return on your land, are you a first home buyer wanting to get into the property market in the smartest way we know how? The more detail you can give us the more we can help.
  • Choose a house that bests suits your needs – we have lots of great listings. We then walk you through the purchase of the house.
  • Council Consent time – find out how our Design team can assist.
  • Once you have had your Building Consent approved and issued we can then book in your house shift. Our partnership with the team at Jack House Transit ensures that all the boxes are ticked from start to finish.

If you’d like to know more about how we can help with the removal of your house or have a specific project you’d like to discuss, fill out the following form and one of our team will be in touch.

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