Whether you are looking to buy or sell a house for relocation, renovate, or build new – completing the appropriate pre-work and research is important to ensure a smooth and successful project.

We have relationships with a number of suppliers across a range of property services, and can assist in connecting you with the right people at the right time.


We understand that organising finance for a housing project can be overwhelming. Making sure that you understand the project and the framework of your budget will go a long way towards meeting your finance needs.

We want to ensure that you are comfortable with this process, so have created a ‘Pre-purchase Budget Checklist’ to help you work through the process. Banks love budgets and  will be impressed if you present them with a completed budget!

We have also created a handy Finance FAQ sheet which touches on some of the intricacies of lending for a relocation project. We also have a network of experienced Mortgage Brokers who we can connect you with to assist in sorting your finance needs.

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    If you would like further information regarding Finance and how to best structure your relocation project, contact us and we can organise for one of our Mortgage Advisors to touch base with you.


    Total Relocation Insurance Package

    When an investment of this size is involved, we highly recommend appropriate insurance cover. We work with a range of specialist insurance brokers, who are familiar with the Relocation process and can provide cover that is tailored to your needs. This provides you with peace of mind from the beginning right through to completion of your project.

    Relocating a house should not be a stressful time.  If you would like support with organising your insurance cover, please contact us and we can organise for one of our Insurance Brokers to touch base with you.

    Topographical Surveys

    A Topographical survey is prepared to report on the contours of a site and key features that exist within the area such as buildings, services, roads and vegetation. When utilised for building purposes these should also include boundary lines and easements.

    These surveys are essential if you are looking to relocate a house. There are many local suppliers who you can assist with this. If you need support in finding a supplier, give us a call on 0508 4 RELOCATE (473 562).


    Geotechnical Reports

    A Geotechnical report (also known as a Geo-tech or Soil Report) is a requirement of most local Councils when submitting a building consent for approval.

    This report details the specific building platform that is required for a house to be placed on, and the soakage requirements of the land.

    If you need a Geotechnical Report, we can refer you to one of our preferred council accredited suppliers, who can ensure a prompt turnaround time for your report – normally 10-15 working days.

    To get this process underway, please fill out the following form and one of our team will be in touch, or call us on 0508 4 RELOCATE (473 562) to discuss your needs.

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      Building Inspections

      Building Inspections provide an in-depth review of the structure of a house, and any issues or concerns with the structural integrity of the build. Having this information allows the purchaser to make informed decisions in regard to the quality of the house and whether it is worth investing in. You may also be required to provide this information prior to lenders approving any finance against the house.

      If you are in need of a Building Inspection, we can refer you to one of our preferred suppliers for the prompt completion of this report. Give us a call on 0508 4 RELOCATE (473 562) and we’ll be happy to help!

      Contamination Testing - Asbestos Survey and Meth Testing

      If you are looking to sell your house for Relocation, it is useful to complete contamination testing prior to listing. This includes an Asbestos Survey (for houses built in the 1970 & 80s) as well as Methamphetamine Testing. These processes ensure that potential buyers are fully informed about the risk of any contamination prior to purchasing a house, and it minimises the likelihood of sales falling through because of it.

      Having a positive result in either an Asbestos or Meth test does not mean that the house cannot be sold. Both types of contamination can be resolved, but advance knowledge of this issue allows purchasers to plan appropriately for removal of the contamination.

      For more information on chemical testing, or to request details of a local service provider, please give us a call on 0508 4 RELOCATE (473 562).

      House Demolition Services

      As much as we try to re-purpose pre-loved houses, there will be circumstances where the final result is still Demolition. In these instances, The Relocatable House Co. are here to support you through this process.

      We have long-standing relationships with several demolition firms across the North Island. Our aim in partnering with these companies is to connect our clients with reputable demolition providers who not only will complete a clean demolition but who are also socially and environmentally responsible in the way they treat the waste material created from the demo. Many components of a demolished house can be salvaged or recycled, and this minimises the amount of landfill being created,

      To discuss your demolition needs, give us a call on 0508 4 RELOCATE (473 562).

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