If you have a large section with a poorly located house on it and are looking at re-development opportunities, an On-site Shift should be considered.

On-site Shifts involve lifting and shifting the original dwelling and relocating it to achieve a better section layout, freeing up land for extensions, subdivision, a minor dwelling, garage or landscaping.

This is a great option to increase the equity and value of your land. Other options include demolishing and building new, however there are considerable costs involved here for what could be a similar outcome.

Let us help you with an On-site Shift

Our experienced Operations and Project Management team can help you understand the feasibility of an on-site shift, and can tailor a plan to ensure you achieve the right outcomes from this project.

If you’d like to know more about On-site Shifts, fill out the below form to download our On-site shift guide which provides some great information around the process and possible costs.

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