If you are undertaking a housing project, be it a Relocatable, a New Build or Renovations, it is likely you will need a consent somewhere along the way. To avoid costly delays, its important to ensure your consent submission is watertight – and we can help you to achieve this!

Our Land & Building Consent Services are delivered by our in-house LBP Licensed Design team who are specialists in preparing and lodging consents, and have experience across all councils in the Upper North Island.

Why do I need a consent?

Land & Building Consents are used by all local Councils as a way to monitor and approve any works that fall under the Building Code or the Resource Management Act. However, each council varies in how they manage submissions, review and approval of consents. It can be a really confusing process!

There are two key types of consents:

Building Consents – The approval required for any restricted building (construction) work, as dictated by the Building Code and residential work requiring sign off by an LBP (Licensed Building Practitioner)
Resource Consents (Land Consent) – As managed by the Resource Management Act and relating to any changes in Land Use as dictated by the local councils district plan
We always recommend you touch base with your local council to confirm any consent requirements for your project.

How can we help?

There is a long list of documents needed to complete a consent submission including detailed working drawings, foundation, structural engineering, stormwater & waste water designs, specifications and testing documents to name a few! To find out more about the consents process, check out our recent BLOG.

To avoid costly delays, it is important to ensure your consent submission is watertight – and this is where we can help!

Our Operations Team can support your project by preparing & collating all of the required documents as well as acting as your ‘Agent’ for the consent submission if you wish. This means that if council has any queries, or requires further information on your submission, our team can be contacted to complete this – saving you time and stress!

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