Relocation – the new Demolition!

February 28, 2020

Are you considering knocking down your existing home to make way for your next project?

Does demolition seem like the only alternative?

How would you feel if you could be part of a solution where you can save unnecessary waste from going to landfill, and provide a house that can become a home for another family?

Our experience has highlighted that many home owners end up demolishing their homes because they are unaware of what other options may exist. Demolition can hit your back pocket anywhere between $10,000 – $20,000, and contributes unnecessary waste to landfill. Selling your home for relocation not only reduces this unnecessary waste, but offers another New Zealander an affordable chance to own their own home, let alone providing a few extra dollars for you to save or put into your new project.

Another reason for going straight to demolition is the misconception that a house is unable to be relocated because it has a concrete floor, a brick exterior, narrow access or other difficulties. Many of these myths are busted in our Informative Guide to Selling your house, a great resource if you’re interested in finding out if your home is suitable for relocation.


Here at The Relocatable House Co. we believe Relocation is the best option where possible. Our team of expert consultants can assist in coming up with the best solution and time frame for your relocation, meaning a smoother start to your new housing journey. We have a 3 step process to assist with the sale of your relocatable house:

1. Is relocation right for your house?

As a simple first step sign up for a free house appraisal, where one of our Sales Consultants will visit your home and advise if this is the right process for you. They can offer expert advice around what would be involved in the shift, as well as an indication of a selling price. Sign up for a free appraisal here!

2. Setting up for success

Following a successful appraisal, there are a few steps that can help get your house ready for sale, including:

  • Presenting a clean and tidy home for professional photography
  • Getting the timing right to generate the most interest and value
  • Any required property testing (asbestos, meth etc)

Our experienced team are here to guide and assist you with this process, to ensure your home is ready for a successful sale when listed.

3. Recommended options for sale

Depending on the house and the time frame, we have a number of listing options available to ensure the successful sale of your relocatable home, whether it be the house only or a full house and relocation package. Your Sales Consultant can talk you through the options and suggest what may be the best one for you.

So if you looking at options for your next project, consider relocating your home! Its a socially and environmentally friendly option that can reward your back pocket too!

For more information on selling you home, we refer you to our Informative Guide to Selling your House for Relocation, or if you have any further questions – please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 0508 4 RELOCATE (473562) who will be happy to help.

If you have a house that you believe it suitable to relocate now, request a free in person appraisal and one of our Sales Consultants will be in touch to organise.


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