Site Audit Report

The Relocatable House Co’s Site Audit Report, is a great first step on your house relocation journey.

When it comes to relocating a house onto land, not all land and land rules are the same. This includes the Council rules that are set for each geographical area throughout the country.

As the building industry has evolved over the years so has the use of land and the rules that are created. Changes occur to enable land owners to do things such as the ability to increase the number of houses allowed on a block of land, opening up land to enable second hand houses to be shifted onto sections and much more.

To ensure you get the correct information about what you and can’t do with your land, let us help you.

Our licenced, qualified Architectural Design team can process all the required information about your land that will help determine the next best step for your house relocation project.

The Site Audit Report is a Desktop Only Report and will include a 20 minute phone consultation with the Designer who completed your report so that the technicalities can be explained and any questions answered.

Order your Site Audit Report today and get your house relocation project moving forward on the right path.

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The following is included in your Site Audit Report:  

  • A plan of your site, including potential places for house and access.
  • In depth knowledge of Council requirements and fees for your project. 
  • Rules regarding relocated buildings for your area. 
  • Site specific information for your land such as boundaries, set-backs, services, building platform, covenants, wind and earthquake zones and more. 
  • Requirements for Geotechnical reports and other surveys or required inspections. 
  • A concise conclusion of findings and next steps if further investigations are recommended. 
  • A 20-minute consultation with the Architectural Designer who created your Site Audit Report to answer any questions and talk through the recommendations.

During your 20 minute consultation with the Architectural Designer who created your Site Audit Report, you will cover:

  • Next steps in your relocation or on-site shift journey.
  • Important Details to note about your Site Audit Report.
  • Any other questions relating to the report that you may have..

5 Benefits of getting your Site Audit Report

  1. Understand what kind of house can fit on your site.
  2. Get a greater understanding of where to position the house.
  3. What are the limitations (if any) that are imposed by Council planning rules?
  4. What are the infrastructure requirements? This will let you know about planning restrictions, drainage issues and easements.
  5. Armed with all that information, you can start house shopping!

At The Relocatable House Co. we believe it is critical that you understand your site so you can make informed decisions about your relocation/subdivision/development project, avoiding unwanted and costly surprises.

The important information you require can be detailed and time consuming to source especially if you don’t know what you don’t know.

Order your Site Audit Report from our Licenced Building Practitioner Qualified Designers today to set your building project in motion…

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