Site Audit Report + Certificate of Title


Our Comprehensive Site Audit Report delivers a thorough analysis of your property, providing valuable insights into its development potential and various project options. The report encompasses several key components, including:


  1. Property Visualisation: We offer a visual representation of the available space, along with recommended layouts for relocating a house.
  2. Council Regulatory Review: A detailed examination of council regulations and requirements relevant to your project.
  3. Council Fee Information: Insights into potential council fees associated with your development.
  4. Local Permissions Guidance: Clear guidelines on obtaining necessary permissions for relocating dwellings in your specific area.
  5. Property Title Certificate: Inclusion of a Certificate of Title for your property.
  6. Site-Specific Details: Information on property boundaries, setbacks, and available services.
  7. Consultation with Project Manager: A 20-minute consultation with a Project Manager to discuss inquiries, recommendations, and project opportunities.


Please note that our Site Audit Reports typically require 10 working days to complete. Feel free to place an order now or reach out to us via the “Contact Us” option for enquiries about obtaining your Site Audit Report.



Conducted by our team of Licensed Building Practitioner Qualified Designers, the Site Audit Report will provide you with the essential information to kickstart your relocation, subdivision, or development project, ensuring a smooth and successful process.

The Site Audit Report includes:

  1. Visual representation of available space and recommended layout for a relocated house
  2. Review and documentation of your Council and District Plan regulations and requirements
  3. Summary of potential Council fees associated with your project
  4. Guidelines pertaining to the permission of relocated dwellings in your area
  5. Provision of a Certificate of Title
  6. Site-specific information, including boundaries, setbacks, services, building platform, covenants, wind and earthquake zones and more
  7. Recommendations for specific reports and specialised services that we believe are essential to guarantee the success of your project
  8. A 20-minute consultation with one of our Project Managers to address any inquiries, discuss the recommendations, and explore project opportunities.


  • If the site is found to be suitable, you also receive one free revision of your visual plan with one of our listings of interest (offer valid for 12 months from date of SAR completion).

Please note that the delivery of the Site Audit Report may take up to 10 working days and does not cover contours or daylighting requirements, which will require further investigation.

Benefits of getting the Site Audit Report:

  1. Determine House Compatibility: Gain insights into the type of house suitable for your site, ensuring the feasibility of your project.
  2. Optimal House Placement: Understand the ideal positioning of the house on your site, considering factors like sunlight, views, and privacy.
  3. Planning Limitations: Identify any planning restrictions that may impact your project to avoid complications.
  4. Infrastructure Considerations: Learn about drainage issues, easements, and other infrastructure details to plan accordingly.
  5. Informed House Shopping: Use the report’s information to confidently search for a house that meets your site’s requirements.

At The Relocatable Home Co., we emphasise the importance of having a clear understanding of your site to make informed decisions and avoid unexpected expenses. Sourcing the necessary information can be complex and time-consuming, especially when you are unaware of the crucial details you need to know.

Take the first step towards your building project by ordering a Site Audit Report from our team of Licensed Building Practitioner Qualified Designers.