Find the silver lining to your build delay

March 17, 2022

‘It’s been delayed’. This phrase seems as common across the building industry as ‘Covid’ & ‘Isolation’ have become in recent years. Whilst out of our (or your) control – these delays have become just another ball that build clients are needing to juggle.

Over recent months, we have worked with a number of vendors who are very keen to relocate their existing homes to make way for new developments. And fortunately, we also have strong Buyer demand as clients become more aware of the benefits of relocating houses.

Your preloved house can make a fantastic home for another Kiwi family.

However, we are seeing an increase in vendors holding off on listing their homes for relocation due to their own new build and project delays. This need not be the case, and in fact we are encouraging vendors to make the most of longer lead times so we can find the perfect buyer for their home.

At a minimum, we recommend a date for removal of no less than 3 months from the listing date. The longer we have to market and sell your home, the easier it is to find the perfect buyer and a preferred house mover. The result of this is a smoother relocation process for you and your site.

If your project dates are still up in the air then there are steps we can take to prepare your home for listing. Have your house appraised by one of our local Sales Consultants, so that when the time comes we have all the information available to promptly list your home for sale, rather than having to start the process from scratch.

Click on either of the images below to either request a free appraisal, or to download our ‘Information Guide to Selling your House for Relocation’.


As with any build project, preparation is key. Give our team a call today to discuss your options. Once we have a good understanding of your situation and goals, we can work to find a solution that suits you and your timeframes. Don’t let existing delays snowball causing unnecessary delays in the future.

Call 0508 4 RELOCATE, download our Sellers Guide or Contact Us for more information.

Have a house you’d like appraised? Request a free appraisal HERE!


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