3 Unexpected Cleaning and Renovation Tips

January 9, 2018

As Marketing Manager sometimes I just sit and listen to our amazing hub team…

(don’t tell them I do this :-P)

The hub team members are those that answer your calls and follow-up if you have requested some information. Conversations they have can be amusing at times. Like today.

Claire Hutchinson, owner, hub-leader extraordinaire, wicked writer…turns out she knows a bit about renovation and how to clean a house (which she may have picked up from Chrissey Hutchinson, on-site shift expert and Mother-in-Law)! She was talking to someone on the phone who told her she couldn’t figure out how to get the wall paper off the walls. After a while the lady got frustrated and decided to just put a sledgehammer through the panel. Apparently it would be easier to just replace the GIB board. Her husband was less than impressed.


Her 3 top tips:
  • To make wallpaper removal easier, go to your local hardware store and buy a pressurised pump weed sprayer. Fill it with warm water and spray it over the wallpaper you want to peel off. Wait a few minutes and it should be “easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy” (as my 3 year old would say)
  • Need to clean walls and ceilings? Hate scrubbing? Find an old kettle and fill it right up. Tape down the ‘on’ button so it keeps heating the water. Close all windows and doors and wait for 20 minutes. This will completely steam your room. The fly poop, cooking stains and dirt will just wipe off your wall!
  • Don’t forget to sit the kettle in a baking dish to catch the overflowing water and don’t let the kettle boil dry!
  • And another one for goodwill…no need for a sledge hammer!

After listening to this conversation, I need to book in a meeting with Claire to find out what other goodies I can get out of her to make your next renovation project a success!

Watch this space!

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