Our Heritage

Chrissey Hutchinson, co-founder of The Relocatable House Co. saw her first house being shifted when she was just a teenager. She was given the day off school to watch the family beach house being relocated to a site in Whangaparoa.

Chrissey then continued to relocate and renovate houses she both lived in and were investment properties. One of these house relocation projects was the family farmhouse that was relocated four metres to the left and four metres back to create a great family home with a large front lawn for Chrissey, her husband Bill and their two children.

Helping Chrissey with one of her early farm house shifts and renovations was her son and co-founder of The Relocatable House Co. Richard. Richard grew up with relocating and renovating in his blood.

The mother and son duo joined forces in 2008 and with their property investment and house relocation knowledge and Richard’s experience in property and business finance they have formed a solid basis for what has become a sustainable, innovative business.

Chrissey remains an integral part of the The Relocatable House Co business with her attention to detail and having the most beneficial skill of knowing almost everything there is to know about Council requirements.

Richard is the CEO, overseeing the long-term strategic view of The Relocatable House Co, ensuring a professional approach to the operation whilst retaining the essence and spirit of the family business.

Richard and Chrissey Hutchinson in 1981. Ngatoka Homestead House Relocation
Before Relocation - Ngatoka homestead in 1981
After Relocation - Ngatoka homestead in 1981

About Us

At The Relocatable House Co we believe more New Zealanders owning their own home creates better family environments, better communities and better futures.

Relocating houses has been in our family for decades and the goal of creating a welcoming and memory filled family home is where our journey started.

With offices located in Mount Maunganui and Auckland, The Relocatable House Co. team has extensive knowledge in property.

Our team of expert Sales Consultants, Licensed Building Practitioner Architectural Designers and Project Managers have combined decades of experience in house relocation.

Our strong background and expertise in house relocation projects, property development and house renovations will ensure your house relocation project runs as smoothly as possible and set you up for success.

Starting the house relocation process is as simple as picking up the phone and talking to one of our team – 0508 4 RELOCATE. We’re here to help and ensure you are set up for the next best step on your house relocation project journey – we make it simple. 

Relocating Houses, Creating New Homes

At The Relocatable House Co. we do a lot more than just buy and sell houses for relocation.

Along with our expert sales Consultants, we have an experienced team of Project Managers and Licenced Building Practitioner qualified Architectural Designers.

We specialize in:

  • Large Asset Disposal
  • Architectural Design Services
  • Additions and Alterations
  • Building and Resource Consents
  • On-site Shifts
  • House Re-piling
  • Buying and Selling Relocatable Houses

Sustainable Living For Our Future 

Relocating homes is the ultimate in sustainable living, and not to mention an affordable option to home ownership. There are many great homes out there just waiting to be relocated.

Each house that goes through the relocation process is one house less in our landfills and often ensures space for additional New Zealand housing. 

Our passion is to support more New Zealand families to own their own home and be able to leave a legacy for their future generations.

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